Weird Internet Niches… Anyone For Online Goalkeeping?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the internet is a funny place.

There are some weird online niches that people manage to make businesses out of on the internet.

I’ve dealt in some of them, from portable toilet hire to chocolate fountains, from former-call-girl-publishing to quad bikes (these businesses were unrelated, in case you wonder) – this internet revolution has created some really bizarre businesses!

Well here’s another. A shop just for football goalkeeper gloves and kit. You wouldn’t think anybody could make a living out of that – and I’m not sure myself yet – but apparently some people think you can, including a friend of mine, who’s recently taken our help to work on, his shop for goalkeeper stuff.

As a United fan I’ll be hoping to get hold of some cheap Van Der Sar gloves, but apparently they don’t do any of those yet. He’s retiring soon though don’t you know – better hurry!

Anyway. In case any of you need any keeper kit… I’ll see if I can do any favours…

Spammers Start Offering Loans

May be the Scam Artists or the boys from Lagos, Nigeria have made so much money from their dodgy scams that they can offer nice loans, like the following email I picked up from checking my spam folders

“My name is Mr William Woods,a legitimate  loan lender based in the United Kingdom.With our technology we can approve a suitable loan in minutes.We  borrow from 3,000 DOLLARS to 10,000,000 DOLLARS at just 3% interest rate with Flexible repayment over 1 to 30 years.Kindly email back via:”

Thank goodness he is legitimate and I like the sound of his technology (must be a spell checker) but hang on your in the UK and I’m in the UK but you only offer dollars.  Or when he says borrow is he wanting to borrow from me?

Who knows and I don’t care but obviously if you have tried and failed the normal I am the widdow of the president of blah and my husband put 47 trillion dollars in a bank account in the UK which I need access to then you need to change tact!

So remember test, test, test and test again to find your winning formula, which is a bit like what I do to websites! So go sign up for Google Website Optimizer

Spammers get into loans

Landshare Holmes Chapel

A growing trend thanks to Chanel 4 and hugh fearnley whittingstall for promoting the use of sharing land to grow real organic vegatables or flowers.  Totally makes sense someone has a piece of land and for a small token yearly amount you can have a plot of land in Holmes Chapel to grow your own tasty fresh vegetables.

With the added reasurance you know what has gone into producing them

  • No dodgy chemicals to presevere them or alter their natural struture!
  • No GM related crops
  • Just simple tasty home grown vegetables
  • And all the healthy exercise you get in the process!!

If you live in the Holmes Chapel, Cheshire area and interested in a landshare arrangement on New allotment plots, with water supply, Cranage, Holmes Chapel on a secure site, Large and small plots available then please fill in the form below and it will be forwarded on to the owner of the land

Landshare Holmes Chapel

Interested in the landshare arrangement for Holmes Chapel? If so please fill in your details below and they will provide you with details
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Rachel Elnaugh BBQ party

This weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to the lovely town of Bakewell where Rachel Elnaugh invited a few friends and clients from her online business mentoring

We had delightfull food thanks to Danny and his team at Maroon Spice Food who kept coming round with more and more BBQ treats, the prawns were superb :)

Fantastic to catch up with Charlie the Super Virtual PA and my old friend Ben “killer web designer” Hunt (minus the tash) and meet new friends like Rebecca Deakin who was getting quite a bit of attention, Chris Hill who got carried away in the early morning hours, David Golding who shares my views on the Isle of Man and Sarah who I found out we had a lot of shared business friends and Sue Stone who is highly reccomended. Probably missed a few people off there but as the wine and beer was flowing until 4am I think you can understand the memory is not that sharp.

All in all it was a great night and I thank Rachel for inviting me and pass on my thanks to all of you for being great guests.

So if you get a golden ticket invitation make sure you can go!

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