Brynteg Holiday Park Here We Come

Were staying here for the weekend, looks great and can’t wait to throw the kids in the car and head off Friday afternoon

Google Glass 2.0, Where will it take us?

Google glass is not fully out but it’s probably the most talked about thing since the iphone was on the horizon, I found the above video of where it could go online and thought had to share it with people!!

Sit back and enjoy the show

how many calls does the BT speaking clock get?

That’s the question that just popped in my head, there was a time (pardon the pun) when you would dial the speaking clock to ensure everything was right.

Be it when the clocks adjusted for summer or autumn times or a power failure and running round the house to reset clocks etc.

Personally I have forgot about till it was mentioned over lunch the other day, it’s far to easier to look at my iphone and know it constantly keeps the right time or the corner of my laptop screen and know it’s spot on with the time.

So after a bit of research it turns out that 30 million calls were put into the BT speaking clock in 2011 at a cost per call of 31p for the pleasure to listen to the legend that is Tom Baker tell you the time, I know a couple of Doctor who fans who may have rang it a few times for their addiction.

So that’s £9,300,000 in income to BT for the speaking clock, a nice tidy little profit for in a specific niche market!

Beautifully British?

You start off in life and you believe everything you are told, like Jimmy Saville is a saint and does a lot of charity work and may look weird but hey he raises money for charity etc. Sadly for many years I see things how they are and cut through the bull shit, often cutting a young tele sales person down as they muddle through a script which makes them try to be my best friend of 20 years!

Anyway I digress in what I was actually starting to write about which was this advert that I noticed on ebaybeautifully british



Beautifully British MG cars? That’s a great line trading off the history of the MG name, yes they may be designed in an office in Birmingham and assembled in the UK, sadly the main components are all manufactured by the Chinese parent company and shipped over to be assembled in the factory over here.

But then the marketing team get involved and need to present the right image, like those adverts that say 78 out of 132 people agreed with our findings. Ask enough people till you hit the magic figure.

Now I like my cars but these do not really get me interested, but I wager a small bet that in 5-7 years they will have an exciting reliable range of cars that people want, think Jaguar and Land Rover both brands had serious reliability issues in the 80’s and 90’s but now have a superb range of vehicles which are very good and they can’t make enough evoques to meet demand!

Sadly the true UK mass car manufacturing business was lost years ago, notice i say mass as you can get some real specialist UK cars like the Noble and a TVR type vehicle from a company in Lancashire that make about 8 a year from memory!

Oh MG team if you read this I quite like your concepts and you really need to start a remarketing campaign to get your new brand out there and in peoples faces! Send me a voice message if you need to know more am sure the rest of the team would like a test drive.